If I'm not going to the party then I'm not doing anything specific anyway.

What time does the train get in?


Bob is a cool guy.


We'll do it together.

You think you are dying for your country; you die for the industrialists.

I know what you need.


I can't take it home.


Ginny likes to play football.


Don't forget to bring a pen.

What kind of plan is that?

I'm not staying in a hotel.

Miki picked up the cards and began shuffling them.

He is a critic rather than a novelist.

I checked every part according to the instruction book, but it did not run.

We must always support our children.

In the middle of the wall at the back of the room is a large window.

She can't stand being treated like a child.

Many of the traditional wooden houses are ablaze.

I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.

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I can't deal with this problem anymore.

What exactly are you thinking?

You need a heart transplant.

If that wasn't Roberto, who was it?

Ralf laughed loudly.

My mother bought my little brother a yellow umbrella.

There's something I want you to know.


My most recent hobby is contributing to Tatoeba.

Aren't we going out to the park today?

It is strange that he should say no.

I'm going to hang out with them.

We went by bus as far as London.

I think I have a broken rib.

The message has been encoded.

We may as well all go.

Jef hasn't had much education.

I like to remind my mother of those days.

Where do these come from?

Where the hell have you been?

Dick ate the three apples in less than five minutes.

Does he intend to become a doctor?

Having failed many times, he never gave up the plan.

You may use my pen at any time.

Please advise me on what to do.

Sid moved closer to Ralf on the sofa.

She seems happy.

Our rival was an honest, competitive person as well.

Does it please you?

No one was listening to them.

He took it for granted that she was happy.


Stand by me.

I went fishing again last weekend.

My first impression of him proved to be correct.

She has too much chat about her.

This job will mean moving to another city.


What really surprised me most was that I was the only one who got fired.


In these statistics Egypt is classed as an African nation.


Now we're done.

It clearly looked as if everyone was present.

I thought your dad took away your credit card.

A washing machine is a must for a house.

Eddie often walks around the house without any clothes on.

We don't care why.

Isn't that excessive?

Beth left the door open.

My brother has been sick since yesterday.

Rudolf is never going to promote me.

Back away from her.


She held a flower in her hand.

I drink water.

I can't tell you how relieved that makes me feel.

I go often.

Our train stopped suddenly.

Why can't you just call them?

It's going to rain soon.

Penny wasn't there last week.

I didn't move anything.


What a waste of energy!

It's OK, thanks.

She wants to look cute and trendy.

Which shelf is it on?

He did everything he could to get the prize.

I'll notify him.

Put on your gloves.

I looked around and noticed that mine was the only car on the road.

Won't I speak Italian?

Who's this one?

I prefer the mountains to the ocean.


The number of people who smoke is increasing, so cancer will soon be the most common cause of death.


Thank you for coming to my rescue.

Tell Lou I don't know Jos.

They were singing the national anthem.

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Germania is a cold land.

I've got kids.

I'd like to borrow about three hundred dollars.

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I didn't marry her because I loved her.

I will go, provided the weather is clear.

You've done everything you can do.


Let's wait. Victor will be back soon.

Hans shut himself up in his bedroom.

I grieve with you.

Young children soon pick up words they hear.

Lukas says he needs to buy a new computer.

I suppose you've already applied for a visa.

They were fighting on the street.

I decided to give Loukas another chance.

I think I'll go skiing.


If I were younger, I would go abroad to study.

I've been very hungry since this morning.

Most people think that people shouldn't eat people.

I'm here to stay.

Jeffie gave his seat to an elderly lady.

So, two times to the right, right?

He has no less than three hundred books.

There is another tunnel up there.

Ask him when he will come back.

I don't know anybody here in this town.

"What was your impression when told that you had won the Nobel prize for literature?" "Sincerely, I'd been waiting for that announcement for thirty years."


We just couldn't do it.


I may be away for a couple of days.


The desire to write grows with writing.


He disclosed my secret.

Revised lives a long way from here.

I don't think Blake will enjoy this movie.

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Because it seems to be heavy.

She likes the design on the plate.

He looked blank when he heard the announcement of his promotion.

What am I going to do now then? I'll just burst into tears.

There are many people in the world studying English, so English people are used to learners' non-standard accents, their grammatical errors and so on.


I'd like to hear that from Skef.

Could you tell me what this is about?

Malcolm left his wallet on the table.

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Bryan expected Kurt to come.

I think it's time for me to stop allowing her to always have her own way.

He is exactly like his father.

I always wanted a dog.

The result was what I had expected.

I succeeded in worming out the secret.

Little by little, I'm beginning to like that painting.

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Toft doesn't think he's ever met Mah.


The kingdom was invaded by the enemy.

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Now that Giovanni is here, we can start the party.

We know that we are all people of one world.

You look kind of down.

Jack is much older than he looks.

I hope Gabriel is well.


Don't be so suspicious.


Cristina was supposed to meet me at 2:30.

When in doubt, in favour of the accused.

I can't trust such a man.

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This is a nice place for a picnic.

Lewis makes up stories all the time.

The Japanese as a whole are a rice-eating nation.

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Terrance pitched his tent next to mine.

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.

Ginny did what he had been told.

'Childhood friends' are scary.

I think we're going to have problems with Alfred.

There was a problem with the thermostat.

The lizard climbed along the wall and went into a hole.

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass.

I won't allow you to continue doing that.

Shirley threw an egg at Joon.

To me skiing is far more interesting than skating.

What he said is probably correct.

I like spring the best.


I was in danger of losing my life.